Hello! My name is Paige Foster and I am the fall 2016 intern at Quixote Group. I am currently working for my associate’s in arts at Randolph Community College where I plan to transfer to University of North Carolina at Greensboro for my bachelor’s degree in communication. I am from a small town in Virginia and would love to eventually move to a big city. I enjoy hiking, the beach, shopping and hanging out with friends.

In my spare time, you will find me shopping in some capacity. I am always stalking the internet or my email for deals; I love a good coupon. I am also always at Target, I could probably be of more assistance to a fellow shopper than a Target employee would be. When I’m not shopping, I am usually hanging out with my friends. We like to try the new breweries in town, catch a movie or go to a football game. I also love to go explore new places. I like to visit new towns and see new sites. I would love to travel the world one day.

Going into college, I was set on being in the medical field. I really wanted to help people, and I thought that was the only way. I quickly realized the medical field was not for me and started to explore other ways to help.  I came across the communications field because it was what my advisor did. She told me how you could take the degree anywhere and could do almost anything with it. I am the type of person that loves change, so this major’s versatility appealed to me. Especially in the agency setting, I love the idea that you do something different every day and that you can do a lot of different jobs with it. I most of all love that you are helping a person or company thrive.

I am very excited to have chosen a major that I am passionate about. I am also very excited that I have the opportunity to intern at Quixote Group. I cannot wait to work closely with each team member and learn the many aspects of marketing, research and PR. Since I am new to this field, I hope to learn as much as possible during my time here with Quixote. I hope to gain a personal insight into the field that will help me while I further my studies. I cannot wait to see what this semester has in store!