I’m a firm believer that life comes full circle. I recently watched an old home video where I was hosting radio and TV shows. The topics ranged from school updates and weather, to new music, movies that are “must sees,” and what the hottest celebrities are up to (thanks, Tiger Beat Magazine). Although it was funny to watch, I realized that being a storyteller is something I’ve been doing since I was young.

After graduating from High Point University in May 2018, I chose to stay in North Carolina to pursue my first post-grad job working in the furniture and design industry. While I enjoyed helping clients turn their house into a home, I knew I wanted to pursue a passion of mine: public relations.

This is where Quixote Group comes in.

Working for Quixote Group has allowed me to help clients build their story. I help brands find their voice and connect with their audience and customers. I find joy staying up-to-date with news and trends, developing meaningful relationships with clients, offering a keen eye for the important details, and consistently giving a unique perspective during the creative development process. Ultimately, my biggest pleasure is helping our clients turn their brand’s visions into realities.

Outside of work you can find me eating a hot dog in Greensboro while cheering on the Grasshoppers, visiting local wineries and breweries, following news and pop culture updates on my Twitter feed, swimming in any body of water (I’m a true Pisces), attempting to play trivia (I try!), and traveling to visit my friends and family.

I’m excited to see what my future holds here at Quixote Group.

-Tori Burns