Hello! My name is Lauren Abbott and I am the Spring 2017 intern at Quixote Group. I am a junior at High Point University studying Strategic Communication and Marketing. I like to consider myself a “Southern Bostonian,” for I have a southern mentality, but a Boston heart. Attending a university far from home has been quite the adventure!

My passion for public relations was ignited by my entrepreneurial spirit. Believe it or not, promoting a family icecream business can generate a passion for branding. I am a problem solver who strives to connect people through stories. I enjoy fostering authentic relationships with clients and creating unique campaigns. During my first week here, I had the opportunity to attend a brainstorming session with a client. The session was buzzing with creative energy and innovative ideas- this is the perfect place for a PR aficionado!

In my spare time, you can find me running outside on a sunny day, teaching indoor cycling, or lounging on the beach. I am a fitness enthusiast who enjoys pushing others to reach their personal wellness goals. I thrive in team atmospheres; whether it is leading a cycling class or collaborating with other students in school, I enjoy working with others.

I am excited to learn more from the knowledgeable and visionary professionals here at Quixote Group in the months to come!

-Lauren Abbott, labbott@quixotegroup.com