PR Professionals: [Tired] Energizer Bunnies

Multitasker? You’re hired. It is evident that PR professionals are the champions of multitasking. In a constantly evolving industry, PR professionals are invariably thinking about enhancing their client’s brand. How can I boost their media relations?  What pitch is going to entice the media? Minute after minute, second after second, PR professionals are energizer bunnies, quickly thinking outside the box and juggling many projects… all at once.

But, how many times do you only focus on ONE task? Cue the crickets. I know; it’s easy to be consumed with a million different tasks, and not prioritize one task over another. According to Gloria Mark, professor of informatics at the University of California–Irvine, “We’re in this environment in the workplace where it’s a structure that’s set up by the technology that makes it really difficult for people to monotask.”

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