Had you told me three years ago that I’d be spending the summer before my senior year in college interning at a marketing and PR firm in Greensboro, I would’ve given you a bewildered look akin to the face the office dogs give me when I don’t share my lunch. I really can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t dead set on becoming a veterinarian – except when I dressed up as a waitress that one Career Day in first grade. I was that kid enchanted by the childhood dream. Then freshman year hit: multiple choice science exams and college “weed out” classes. Spraying me with Roundup couldn’t have gotten rid of me faster! Consequently, over the last three years at UNC-Chapel Hill, I’ve spent time searching for that next passion and discovered my love for marketing (and its lack of tiny bubble-riddle exams) along the way.

This past spring, I spent the semester living with a host family and taking local classes in Barcelona, Spain. One of the most valuable pieces of my study abroad adventure was completing two different marketing courses at a well-known Catalan university. My affinity for the field grew exponentially during my time in Spain and provided me with a set of international and digital marketing skills that have already served me well.

Visiting over 20 cities across seven countries and two continents, budget priced planes, trains and buses helped me indulge my penchant for new places and different cultures. My experiences abroad fueled my desire to find a future job that allows me to travel, work closely with peers and be creative in a hands-on environment. It’s daunting to think that the search will be in just a few short months! In May of 2019, I will become a Tar Heel alumna with a B.A. in Business Journalism – hopefully with that dream job in tow.

Growing up splitting my time between the soccer and field hockey fields along with the barn riding horses, sports have always been a huge part of my life. Even in the hectic college atmosphere I make time to feed my competitive side. I’ll return to school in the fall as the senior captain of the UNC-Chapel Hill Equestrian Team and will be returning to my job as a middle school field hockey coach for a third season. Nothing keeps you young and in-shape like spending two hours a day with 15+ preteen girls!

When I’m not running around with my field hockey posse or cursing the summer heat at the barn, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing with our new dog Opie, and trying all kinds of recipes in the kitchen.

The Quixote team has been incredible to work with and so fun be a part of since my first day here. I am excited to spend the rest of the summer at Quixote Group building on my knowledge of marketing and market research, while learning more about PR and all the other amazing work this group does!

– Libby Knowles, lknowles@quixotegroup.com