Erika Reflects on Time as Quixote Group Intern

Not all internships are about getting coffee and completing “busy work” day in and day out. As the Spring 2018 intern at Quixote Group, I learned that, at least here, intern life is very different from that. Instead of serving as the catchall for busy work you are simply another member of the team, experiencing what life in public relations is really like, ever changing with no two days the same.

As a strategic communication major at High Point University, valuable, real world experience was exactly what I was hoping to find. I was fortunate enough to work with several clients during my time with Quixote Group and see how projects develop from start to finish, all while sharpening my own skills. With an eye for detail and a standard of excellence, I am driven by my competitive nature and desire to exceed expectations, making fast paced days and unpredictable challenges the perfect atmosphere for me.

My passion for public relations has inspired me to continue my education through High Point University’s B.A. to M.A. program in strategic communication over the next year. Being enrolled in both graduate and undergraduate classes does not leave too much free time, but when the stars align to allow it you can find me exploring local coffee shops, cooking or fitting in a quick run. I prefer a busy lifestyle and experiencing all that I can, which might explain my love for working in public relations.

-Erika Esterline

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