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Converting exposure into action with a creative and authentic approach to communication

Public Relations

We develop carefully crafted key messages with a clear understanding of target audiences, and deliver them cost-effectively

Balancing qualitative and quantitative methods to discover unique and strategic insights about your target audiences

Market Research

Our in-house services include focus group moderation, in-depth interviews, on-site observational research and quantitative studies

Identifying the core essence of your brand to develop meaningful and motivating positioning strategies

Brand Strategy

We identify the rational and emotional connections that your target audiences make with your brand to create strategies that differentiate you from the competiton

Helping brands and companies demonstrate their core essence in ways that lead to audience engagement

Development & Execution

We use strategic partnerships to develop & execute all creative needs, including print & broadcast advertising, brand identity, and trade show materials

Brand Strategy

Is your brand where you want it to be?

Your brand is more than your logo or slogan – it is the entire set of experiences that audiences have with your product or service. An effective brand strategy targets all aspects of the consumer experience, and contributes to the impressions that audiences have in the long term.

Though no two clients are the same, we consistently deliver compelling strategies for brands who wish to grow their engagement and awareness with audiences all over the world.

Quixote Group uses insights discovered through market research to develop meaningful positioning strategies that will differentiate your brand and enhance audience engagement. 

Branding Services We Offer

Product Concepting

Brand Positioning

Relationship Marketing

Tagline Development

Cause-Related Marketing

Message Development

Ideation Sessions

Strategic Alliance Development

Market Research


How you see your brand really doesn’t matter.

Customers control brand meaning, which is why we’re such strong advocates for listening to the voice of the customer. Our research helps discover the counter-intuitive insights that drive rational and emotional connections with your brand.

Focus Groups

Get an audience’s perspective through qualitative research

Dive Deeper

We provide full-service, turnkey solutions for your U.S. and international qualitative needs, including in-house moderating

Quantitative Research

Target specific variables of a complex problem through measurable and consistent research procedures


We use leading survey platforms and data analysis tools to develop, field and analyze online surveys, including specific learning needs and annual brand tracking studies

Visual Explorer

Generate creative conversations around complex topics using imagery

Understanding Emotions

We use unique visual tools to gain deeper insights into how current and potential customers feel about your brand, product or service

Industry Analysis

Utilize market assessment tools to determine and understand the variables that contribute to complex business industries

The competitive landscape

We help you better understand the competitive landscape to ensure that your strategies are unique and help you stand out in a crowded field

Public Relations

PRSA defines public relations as “a strategic communication process to build mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”


What does that really mean?


     To us, effective public relations begins with a carefully crafted set of credible key messages, a clear understanding of the target audience, and a cost-effective communications strategy that will connect the target audience to those messages. Effective public relations converts exposure into action.

Our PR Process





Development and Execution

Our client-side experience enables us to develop effective strategies that connect brands with their target audiences.

Ad Campaigns

Direct Mail Campaigns

Brochures/Sales Materials

Events Marketing

E-mail Campaigns

Consumer Promotions

Social Media

Video News Releases

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