Meet our spring intern Julie

My name is Julie Hildebrand and I am an artist, nature fanatic, and Guilford College senior. I am very excited to be an intern at Quixote Group and explore the world of PR. My passion is creating illustrations and pottery, but I’ve recently found a new interest in digital design. When I’m not at Quixote Group or in class, I am working with the creative team in Guilford’s marketing department designing templates for social media posts and sharpening my Adobe skills.

What is your major?

I am an Experience Design (XD) major graduating this May. XD is all about identifying user needs and designing with a specific user group in mind. Understanding who the true users are assures that a final design will be successful, no matter what the product is. In my XD courses I conduct interviews, create surveys, and coordinate usability studies to understand what users need in both digital and physical products and spaces. I also utilize creative methods such as personas, journey maps, and storyboards to help me design effectively. I wear my XD Thinking Cap everywhere I go; I’m constantly saying “this experience could be better”. This mindset will lead me to become an excellent graphic designer and multimedia specialist, as I am committed to my audience’s positive experiences.

Why Quixote Group?

I am interning at Quixote Group to learn more about research methods and the complex strategies at play behind the scenes of design. I am interested in how Quixote conducts research to discover who their clients’ audiences are and what information they are attracted to. I look forward to seeing how the Quixote team works with clients who are not completely sure what they are looking for. I know that this situation is far too common in the world of design. Clients know that they have a need, but are not sure what is possible and right for them. I also chose Quixote Group because of their friendly team and comfortable office environment.

Where does your interest in marketing come from?

My parents started their own business when I was 7 years old. I have been included in all operations since day one, when we sat on our front porch and decided on a name for our company. I am applying my marketing knowledge gained through internships to my family’s business to assure that all advertising efforts are successful. I currently manage our social media accounts and assist with scheduling, as well as help plan our seasonal trade show setups.

Do you have post-graduation plans?

This summer I will be working at a design-centered marketing agency, bringing my research and design skills forward to create materials for clients. In the fall, I will be taking more undergraduate classes to further my education and doing freelance photography when I can.

What is something on your bucket list?

I hope to visit all of the U.S National Parks; my goal is to visit one park each year. So far, I have explored Arches in Utah and Rocky Mountain in Colorado. Next on my list is either Yellowstone in Wyoming or Dry Tortugas in Florida.

What would we never guess about you?

I can weld! I took a sculpture class last fall where I became skilled in arc welding. My classmate and I won first place in an art show for our large steel swing that I designed. After the swing was built, we suspended it from a large oak tree in the center of campus. It was such a delight to cross campus and see students resting with a book in the slightly-swaying swing. I also built a steel shelving unit that currently stands tall in my home and displays my pottery collection.