Mount Vernon FR

Project Description


Mount Vernon Mills is a leading producer of flame resistant fabrics, yet needed a way to help customers better understand the breadth and depth of their product line.  To achieve this objective, Quixote Group helped create a new brand architecture and brand identity to essentially 're-launch' the brand in the industry.    

Solution: The company's flame resistant fabrics were re-launched under the Mount Vernon FR brand, and fabrics were organized under separate brand names to make it easier for customers to understand the variety of options available to them: AmTex; Resilience; FlexTex; Phoenix; and MY·FR.   Quixote Group developed the new tagline - Wear it for Life - to help communicate the exceptional quality and durability of Mount Vernon FR fabrics.  We also worked with our strategic partners to develop new advertising, collateral, trade show booth and website that differentiates Mount Vernon FR in the flame resistant fabric market.

“Mount Vernon Mills has always had world-class products and now we have a world-class look to go with them,” said Mike Woods, vice president of FR fabrics for Mount Vernon FR.  “We believe that our new brand reflects the quality and expertise that our customers have come to expect from the company’s more than 165-year heritage in producing fabrics that work.”




Project Detail