Rising Consumer Concerns Regarding Data Misuse

Data misuse is a large concern for the American public, and this rather negative outlook is healthy considering the circumstances. After recent scandals like the Yahoo! data breach in 2016 and Facebook’s data-sharing deal in 2018, the public is ready for some protective measures.

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Meet Tori, Quixote Group’s Newest Team Member

I’m a firm believer that life comes full circle. I recently watched an old home video where I was hosting radio and TV shows. The topics ranged from school updates and weather, to new music, movies that are “must sees,” and what the hottest celebrities are up to (thanks, Tiger Beat Magazine). Although it was funny to watch, I realized that being a storyteller is something I’ve been doing since I was young.

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Meet Kristen, Quixote Group’s Summer Intern

My name is Kristen Koch and I am a rising senior at Elon University, although I am a native to Kennebunkport, Maine. As a Communications Fellow, I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in strategic communications with minors in business administration and Spanish. My goal is to work as an account coordinator at a public relations agency and eventually own my own firm. Who knows where that firm will be, or where I’ll even be a year from now, but I can’t wait to find out!

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Quixote Group’s Intern Talks XD

You Need XD!

Do you ever see a website, social media post, or billboard, and you just don’t get it? You shrug and think “maybe this wasn’t for me.” Maybe it was designed for you, but the creator’s strategy failed because they didn’t practice good XD.

Whether you hear it called User Experience (UX), Experience Design (XD), or Service Design, it’s all the same concept, and it could be the most important methodology for marketing professionals to understand. XD prioritizes embracing the audience, discovering what they need, and designing materials with a customer-centric approach. This strategy works for design as well as communication and PR. Approaching communications as a “user interaction experience,” rather than audience reception, leads to a message being better received. In XD, designers follow a Design Thinking process to create material for users. Whether you are writing an article, modifying a website, or designing business cards, you can use Design Thinking to enhance your product and better tell your story.

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