Our team draws inspiration from the celebrated story of Don Quixote, a character who reimagines reality through the sheer power of ideas. We value visionaries like Quixote – employees and clients who possess the courage and creativity to see the extraordinary beyond the mundane, and believe that nothing is ever impossible.  

Quixote Group, LLC was founded in 1999 to empower brands and companies in need of public relations, market research and brand positioning strategies. Since then we’ve been working with companies to turn their visions into realities, just like Cervantes would have wanted. 


Quixote culture is grounded in principles of hard work and honest commitment to our profession and beliefs:

    • The desire to see things as they should be.
    • The wisdom to listen and learn from audiences’ experiences and beliefs.
    • The courage to embrace new visions and create new realities.
    • The creativity to generate new opportunities.
    • The respect that comes from being a trusted partner.


Kim Doran Kim Doran CEO

Kim Doran


Kim Doran
After earning degrees in Journalism and Humanities from the University of Missouri and gaining 25 years of experience in public relations, Kim founded Quixote in 1999. As a seasoned equestrian, she effectively navigates the hurdles of research and marketing with consistency.
Chuck Mattina Chuck Mattina President and CFO

Chuck Mattina

President and CFO

Chuck Mattina
Ask Chuck about brand strategy, and you’re sure to get an earful about what he thinks are examples of good and bad strategies. With a degree from Philadelphia University and more than 30 years of research, advertising and marketing experience, Chuck loves thinking in the corners of the box – you’ll have to ask him about that one yourself. Being a big kid at heart, Chuck’s role model is Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes. Known for: a love of all things Italian, nickel knowledge, and having the office that kids love to visit. Places he can be found: on his bike, in the kitchen, or tending to his fig trees.
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