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About Quixote Group

Who we are

Founded in 1999, Quixote Group draws its inspiration from the story of Don Quixote, whose title character has the courage to see things as they should be and who believes that nothing is impossible.  We embody this spirit by helping our clients achieve their impossible dreams, whatever they may be.

The mission of Quixote Group is to help our clients build and grow their brands by developing, communicating and demonstrating their strategic value to target audiences.

Quixote Group is based in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Our approach

Every purchase is the result of an intricate balance of rational and emotional factors.

As a research-centric organization, we explore the rational and emotional connections that customers make with our clients' products and services. Our process uncovers the counterintuitive insights that expose the hidden path to purchase. The result is greater customer interest, preference and loyalty to our clients' brands - thus resulting in sustainable growth.

When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

Quixote Group takes a solution-neutral approach to every opportunity, which means we use the best tools to deliver your brand strategy and key messages without bias.  We uncover the best solutions for the messages that you need to deliver to your target audience, and execute them in-house and with the support of our many strategic alliance partners.

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Thinking in the corners of the box

Our strategic philosophy .

The box represents your equity, your image and your brand strategy – in essence, the box reflects the acceptable borders and limits of your current positioning. “Outside the box” ideas often ignore these limits, and can present your brand in ways that are unrecognizable or confusing to your target audience.  Instead of building your brand, you’ve diluted the effectiveness of your marketing investment.

Thinking in the corners allows you to remain on strategy while pushing your brand positioning to its most creative limits. Being in the corners of the box not only respects the goodwill and equity that you have worked so hard to develop with the consumer, it reawakens it and presents it in a more creative and relevant way.

Operating in the corners of the box long enough allows the box to expand – thus allowing you to do things that may have once been difficult for the consumer to understand.  Expanding the box takes time, patience, and a strategic plan to get there.  That’s where we come in.

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Our values

The desire to see things as they should be.

The wisdom to listen and learn from the experience of your customers and the experts within your organization.

The courage to embrace new visions.

The creativity to generate new opportunities.

The respect that comes from being a trusted partner.

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